Jessica Currey

Senior Consultant | General Insurance Underwriting

Jess started working at Kennedy Reid as a Consultant in January 2019. She is currently managing the Underwriting desk within the General Insurance team.

Before Kennedy Reid, Jess worked part-time in Admin, Retail and Hospitality for four years while studying. She has recently completed two degrees from Auckland University of Technology - Bachelor of Business majoring in Economics and Bachelor of Health Science majoring in Psychology.

In her current role, Jess's primary responsibility is networking with candidates and clients within the insurance underwriting space, focusing on being 'The Candidate's Agent'.

One Kennedy Reid value that Jess resonates with the most is Curiosity. She loves to ask questions.

Fun Fact: In 2016, Jess walked 100km in 36hours for Oxfam Trailwalker - to raise money for third world countries to access clean water.

Ph: +61 429 836 644

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