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Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

I recently did a 134-meter bungee jump and I was genuinely petrified! I was so proud of myself though, as out of the 15 or so jumpers, I was the only female! I was representing!

It got me thinking, what makes us scared or nervous and how can we overcome those feelings?

My rational brain knew that when doing the bungee, I was all strapped in and attached to a giant piece of elastic which hadn't failed to date, and so the chances of injury, or let’s face it, even death, were pretty slim. Yet, as soon as I got on the platform ready to jump, irrational me took over and sent my body into a shaking frenzy!

Right at that moment, I could not stop shaking and for a second I was ready to say, ‘Take me back, I can’t do this’.

Until out of nowhere, I jumped; I felt the fear and I did it anyway.


Bungee jump

Now, I know this is a very extreme example, but this could be relatable to you - yes you reading this right now who might have thought about that next career move but you fear you might fail the interview, or you fear to get to know a new team & management structure, or you fear the uncertainty of a probation period, or you fear your own ability, and the list goes on.

If you feel scared or nervous at the prospect of changing roles but you know you’re ready for the challenge, think about having a Recruitment Consultant represent you. They could be your giant elastic bungee to ensure a smooth transition into your next role.

A Recruitment Consultant will understand your market and talk your lingo, they’ll uncover your motivators and match you with suitable opportunities, but most importantly, a Recruitment Consultant will prepare you for your interviews and give detailed feedback throughout the whole process. And even if you are not successful for the role, it will be a huge learning curve and invaluable life experience.

Feeling the fear and doing it anyway is hard and it takes nerve!

Are you ready to feel the fear and plunge into your next opportunity?

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