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A little bit about: Frank

We all interact briefly on a daily basis with many wonderful and interesting people. Maybe it’s your regular bus driver, your “go to” coffee guy, your concierge where you work, or the busker on the street on your daily commute.

We were curious about the back stories of these unique individuals and decided we are going to find out “a little bit” more about each of these people and the stories of their lives so far…

Frank is our concierge in the Sydney CBD. He greets everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, with a warm smile every day.

Here is a little more about Frank.

Frank’s 1st job

Frank joined the British Army at 15 years of age at his Dad’s suggestion. He had left school at 13 to assist in raising his adopted baby brother. Frank would have loved to have been a professional footballer but lacked the necessary skills.

Franks dad was a proud Scot and insisted Frank joined the Scottish Unit.

Frank’s Time in the Army

Frank spent 2 years in training and at 18 years old, Frank joined the parachute regiment “The Red Beret” and committed to a grueling 6-month selection process. He said that his training mentally and physically broke him down and then they literally rebuilt him how they wanted him to be. Frank survived and became an elite paratrooper. This was in 1970.

Time Served

Frank did 6 tours of Northern Ireland when the “Troubles” flared up in 1970/71. Frank described his time in Belfast and Londonderry as very difficult culminating in Bloody Sunday. Of the awful events of January 30, 1971, Frank said “Everything about that day was wrong”. Frank was just 19 years old (Left).

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Hippie Frank

Frank left the British army at 23 years of age. Post leaving, Frank grew his hair long, wore a caftan and didn’t want to know anything about anybody. His nickname at his local at this point was “The Tart”.

Rhodesia (Zimbabwe)

With the outbreak of a brutal civil war in Rhodesia, Frank was recruited on a 5-year contract as a professional soldier in the Rhodesian Army fighting insurgents led by Robert Mugabe. He stayed in Rhodesia between 1975 and 1982. Upon leaving Rhodesia Frank had nothing. Mugabe took his house, his bank accounts, literally everything. Frank was left with nothing. He was 34 years old.

Back in England

On his return to England for a time Frank lived in his car, washed in public toilets and struggled to find work. Eventually, he found work washing dishes and sweeping floors. Frank met a woman, married her, and had a baby daughter.

The New Millennium

Skip forward to the year 2000(ish) and Frank is calling time on his second marriage and is the Head of Security at a holiday camp in the UK called Pontins. Frank said the place was pretty wild... “Drugs were like corn flakes.” Frank met his best friend whilst working at Pontins. They eventually married…and divorced… but remain best friends today.


Frank works as a concierge and, in our view, is the best concierge in town! He loves his work and it shows.

Quick Questions

Introvert or Extravert: Introvert

Music type: Opera (El Divo)

Travel Bucket List: Back to the UK to see my brother and sister

Favourite thing about current job: People

Likes spending time most with: Ex 3rd wife and best friend (same person)

Sense you would choose to keep: Hearing because I just love music

Own business: If funds permitted, Frank would love to start a parachuting school

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