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Looking for the most Employable Person in Technology.

I work as a recruiter within the Technology and Digital Space. We pride ourselves on our ability to tap into passive pools of candidates that aren’t necessarily active job seekers. We meet and interview every candidate to understand their experience, situation and what they would be looking for in a career change. We administer technical tests and behavioural interviews to best prepare candidates for job interviews and further understand their experience.

It is this proactive approach and knowledge of the technology landscape that has led us to this lady:

Someone who we believe may be the most employable person in Tech.

You may recognise her from the front page of LinkedIn or from SAS Analytics ads but her resume is much more extensive than that. From our searches, we can see that she’s worked at Oracle Cloud, within UX or UI at Accenture, at the networking and mobility company EnGenius, within the Canberra office of Digital Agency Icon and at Ernst and Young doing something to do with digital Audits.

We know that she is proficient at using tablets and doesn’t mind working nights. She can work independently and likes the brightness of her screens turned up. What we don’t know is where she’s working at the moment, what her next move is going to be or why she likes that blue shirt with the white pattern?

If you can shed some light on the situation please get in touch! 

Scott Walker- Technology Practice Leader 

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