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The 5 personalities of the Life Insurance & Allied Health Team!

Personality or psychometric tests have become quite a popular tool for employers to use during the recruitment process.

At Kennedy Reid, we call this a Candidate Profile. Prior to hiring someone for our company, the candidate must complete a candidate profile for us to determine if they would be a good fit for the team and the business culture.

I compiled all the candidate profiles of our team and summarised them to give you a little insight into all the personalities of the one and only, Life Insurance and Allied Health team!

The leader of the pack, Grace Gilmore: 

Promotor Driver

Being a 100% promoter, and 60% driver, Grace brings enthusiasm, persuasion and excellent communication. She loves a challenge and thrives off achievement and competition, which makes her the recruiter she is. Using language as her talent, Grace enjoys working with people and presents herself in an expressive manner.

Allied Health queen, Hannah Stevenson: 

Driver Promoter

Hannah shares the same energy and drive, but enjoys more of a fast-paced, independent environment. She loves variety and challenge and uses her creativity to motivate and influence others. Using her charm, mixed with logic and fact, Hannah consistently finds the right candidates for her clients and quickly matches the right jobs to their needs.

Cross-skilled, brilliant resourcer, Natasha Trpeski: 

Driver Supporter

Bringing compassion and organisation, we would be lost without her! Tash gives her all to every task delegated to her, displaying persistence and determination. She enjoys establishing trusting relationships with candidates, values loyalty and sincerity, and uses creativity and logic to solve problems.

Newest and fabulous team member, Matilda McCarthy: 

Analyser Driver

Matilda is results-oriented, driven by factual and non-emotional assessment. Motivated by accuracy and control, she keeps things simple and doesn’t waste any time. Matilda provides her candidates with relevant data and support material, displaying quality and personal expertise.

Last, but certainly not least, the legend herself, T-Dog: 

Promoter Driver

You’ve heard it before, us promoter drivers love excitement and communicating with people. Motivated by variety and spontaneity, I enjoy interaction and active participation with my clients and candidates, establishing strong relationships and influencing others. I sell the big picture benefits, respond well to an interesting challenge, and keep it fun (well I like to think I do).              

Now I’d love to sit here and tell you we have no weaknesses, but that would most certainly be a lie. We can be quick to heat up, stress too much, over analyse and stuck in our own ways. Do also keep in mind that people are complex, and personalities can adapt to different environments, so it’s important not to take every assessment at face value.

If you choose to take one thing from this blog, remember no one is perfect and you will always have areas to develop on; but your colleagues are there for you to lean on, learn from and grow with! Our strengths and weaknesses come together to build our fabulous team.

If you would like to find out what's your Candidate Profile (for free), please reach out to Natalie at 

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