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My Journey to becoming a Recruitment Consultant

​​I have always had a strong passion for the Insurance Industry and knew that's where I wanted to pursue a career. So, I did what most graduates do and applied for an entry-level role with a large Insurer company located in my local hometown. I grew up in Ireland and come from a town called Kilkenny, with an average of 26,000 people and with an office of 500 people; I was bound to come across a few familiar faces.

Before I knew it, I received a call from the HR manager, who invited me in for an interview.

I knew little about the recruitment process then, and I laugh now at how green I was.


After receiving positive news that I had landed my first role in Insurance, I was based in the contact centre on the sales and retention team. I remember receiving my first call from a customer and being so nervous that I would mess up. It turned out to be a call that needed to be transferred to another employee, and I still remember how my hand was shaking while trying to click the transfer button! However, 6 months went by, and I was settling into the role where I even began to train new staff members.

I learned a lot in this role, not only about the company but about myself.

I knew my competitive edge does not just present itself on the sports pitch but also in a target driven role. I learnt that finding solutions and delivering excellent customer service was very appreciated by customers.

As I progressed within the company, my responsibilities transitioned to managing all enquiries from our tier 1 corporate accounts. This was an exciting opportunity for me to develop my career where I was able to build & maintain relationships with key accounts both over the phone and face to face.

Throughout my career, I have always had a love for transparent processes and detail. I was always fascinated by claims and found myself asking multiple questions around terms & conditions and claims decisions. Naturally, when a role came up for claims, I had to throw my hat in the ring. A competitive internal position, but to my surprise, I was successful, and I moved to a whole new side of the business. I was in my element by assessing medical claims and reading reports ensuring all information matched with our procedure list. Still, something was missing, and after some time in the role, I realized my suitcase was not retired yet.

I always thought I would be happy to stay in one place.


I decided to leave my hometown and do some travelling. I travelled Europe and even did a year abroad on an Erasmus programme, but I still felt the urge to go elsewhere. So, I made a wild move, applied for my Visa to Australia and jumped on a plane to go live in a country I had only read about!

In 2020, I arrived in Australia and was so excited for the new opportunities that Australia could bring! So, I began my job hunt again, but this time, I used a recruitment agency to help me land my first job in Sydney.

I had never dealt with a recruiter before, and the whole concept was a bit alien to me.


I soon realized how valuable recruiters were when they helped me land my first job in Sydney. I joined a Loss Adjusting company where I started to learn about property claims, and with bushfires and floods affecting Australia, there was no shortage of work. It made me realize that the Australian weather was not always sunshine and blue skies.

After a bit of travelling around NSW, it was time to think about my next career move.

A little bit older and wiser, it was time to get serious about a career choice and take advantage of living in a country with so many options and opportunities.

Some self-reflection was needed, so I asked myself:

  • What aspects of my roles did I enjoy?

  • What felt rewarding to me?


After giving it some thought, I realized the confidence I had gained when developing and maintaining relationships and how my previous role had taught me its importance.

I realized I thrive in a busy environment, targets keep me focused, and as some of you know, I love a good chat!

This, combined + my insurance knowledge = Recruiter specializing in the General Insurance Industry.

I saw Kennedy Reid were hiring and searching for a recruiter that matched my experience, so I went ahead and applied. I was set on working there from the first call, and this only got stronger with the more people I met. After my second interview, the team invited me for drinks. We went out to a local bar, I got chatting to them, and I felt like I had known them my whole life.

Being an outsider, moving from country to country, working in Insurance to then becoming a recruitment consultant specializing in Insurance, I can honestly say – what an exciting journey it has been!

Choosing a role in recruitment has been one of the best decisions I have made so far in my life.

And one that I have found most enjoyable. Being able to combine my skills and love for Insurance, recruitment is the right fit for me.

Working as a recruitment consultant has kept me on my toes. I continue to learn something new and valuable each day! If you're someone like me who is results-driven and doesn't let setbacks get in your way when trying to succeed, then this is the profession for you, and I would highly recommend it.

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