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Why Use A Recruiter?

As a Graduate, new to full-time employment and the recruitment industry, I have gained an insight as to individual’s feelings and thoughts of recruiters as well as the other side of the spectrum, the profound impact a recruiter can have in securing an individual their dream role.

What a lot of people are unaware of, is the process in which that entails. So, I have combined the duties of my role and questions answered by a candidate, in order for others unfamiliar with the recruitment process to gauge an understanding.

My role at Kennedy Reid as an Associate Consultant is to identify and source candidates for job opportunities. I work within the General Insurance space, resourcing across Claims, Underwriting, and Broking.

Advertising and marketing the opportunity at hand is a crucial step in the recruitment process, however, may not always bring the most suitable candidate forward which is why recruiters turn to other tools such as SEEK Premium, LinkedIn, and network referrals to actively maintain a shortlist of ‘A Grade' candidates

In speaking of the process, my first placement as a Recruitment Consultant – James Ritchie, has provided an insightful outlook on his experience with Kennedy Reid. Take a look!

How would you describe the process that you went through with Kennedy Reid, from initial phone call to post-placement?

James: I was initially contacted by Samantha after she obtained my details from the SEEK webpage. During the introductory phone call, we set up a time for a formal interview. I found the initial interview detailed, but enjoyable nonetheless. We discussed my skills and experience, what I am looking for in my next role and the relevant job opportunities.

A second interview was arranged shortly thereafter with Samantha and Amanda. Both interviews were friendly and informative. 

An interview with the company was then set up. Samantha phoned me several times before the interview, providing advice on the format and likely questions I would be asked, as well as a lot of reassurance, which I certainly appreciated. 

After the interview, she followed up with updates, and eventually phoned me with a job offer. She was just as excited as me!

Post-placement we have spoken a number of times, quite frequently after I started, tapering off as I settled in. I believe she was genuinely interested in making sure I was happy in my new role. 

How did the consultant meet your needs as a job seeker and how was your overall experience dealing with Kennedy Reid?

James: The process from the outset was smooth and well-managed. Both Samantha and her colleague Amanda were respectful of my time, following up at the times we had agreed on. I was never in the dark as to the next steps. 

The role I ended up accepting is different from my previous experience in the industry. Unlike other recruiters, Kennedy Reid was willing to put in the extra effort to market my skills, rather than just my previous experience.

What would you say to other candidates out there who are hesitant to use a Recruiter?

James: A recruiter’s success lies in your success. The questions they ask enable them to better market you to prospective employers. While I found the first interview daunting to start, I very quickly found Samantha easy to talk to and get along with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Samantha and Kennedy Reid to other job seekers. Thanks again, Sam.

Working with candidates like James is why the recruitment process runs smoothly and successfully. Being a recruiter and placing a fantastic candidate in a role which they enjoy and grow from is one of the most rewarding aspects of our job. And it’s true… we celebrate just as much when we receive an offer for the candidate, the excitement is real!

If you have any inquiries about our services and how we could help market your talent as ‘The Candidate’s Agent’ please contact our consultants here for a confidential discussion.

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