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Finding Your Balance: It’s as Easy as 1 2 3

It seems to be an oncoming trend that employers are encouraging staff to find the balance between work and life. Some businesses implement strategies like extended lunch breaks to make time for exercise, offering flexible working hours and even the option to work from home. 

Finding the balance is what is important for you to be able to succeed within a role at work. If your employer does not offer these work-life balance options here are 3 easy ways in which you can find your own balance:

1. Focus on making your mind happy

Always start your day with a positive. Download an app where you receive daily updates and can read positive affirmations. A personal favourite of mine is to meditate. Allow your mind 10 minutes a day to just escape. This will help to improve your mental health.

2. Make time for exercise

Plan your day so that your body can also get the release it needs. Why not start a sports team or a running group at work where you and your colleagues can burn off that extra energy to get your endorphins pumping?

3. Vision board of your goals and dreams

I personally find myself to be a visual person, I write in my journal all of the goals that I want to achieve. Then I write ways of how I can reach those goals, what is it going to take from me on a daily basis in order to reach success.

Finding that balance is all about prioritising your time and fitting in those daily tasks that have a larger impact on our health than we may be aware of. So why not start today on making your mental health a focus.

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