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Reminiscing on my Nokia 5110

Now I’m anything but a “Techie”, but even I am fascinated by technology these days and how, as a nation, we’re progressing into spaces we never knew existed 20 years ago! 

I was sat on a Sydney train a few months back and I noticed so many people with their wireless headphones, and I thought to myself “I gotta get me a pair of those”. 

What will be next after the wireless headphones though? 
A chip implanted in your ear maybe!? 

I drift into a daydream that takes me back to being a child. It takes me to school when the hype was all SMS messaging and Nokia 5110 mobile phones - you know the model with the chunky areal, which, by the way, I insisted to paint with glitter nail varnish against my Dad’s wishes! 

I remember when 1 measly SMS, with limited characters, from my glittery Nokia 5110 cost 50p ($1) and when the internet was linked to the house phone and I had to rush off MSN Messenger ‘cos mum wanted to ring Nana. It’s crazy to think that in such a short space of time we’re now at wireless headphones and probably planning that ear chip!! 

Sitting on the train with my headphone wires getting tangled makes me feel like a peasant. Fast forward 40 years and I can picture the scene now… my grandkids on my knee and I’m telling them… “I kid you not children, back then we had earphones that actually sat in your ear, that were attached to a wire, that went all the way down to attach to our mobile phones”… to which the grandkids reply “Grandma, what’s a wire!?” 

I’d love to hear about what you remember as a child and what you think the future of technology holds for us :)

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