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The Daily Commute

Usually, the first thing I hear when I tell people I commute daily from Sydney to Wollongong is “Wollongong?!? But that’s so far away?!” 

In reality, it's not. Wollongong is roughly 85km away or 1.5 hours on the train. I am 1 of an estimated 20,000 odd people that make the daily commute and I have come to realize it isn’t that bad! (Try convincing a Sydney local of that though)

After a while, you come to recognize the regulars you commute with. These people have their favourite parking spot. They line up at the same spot on the platform every day knowing exactly where the train will stop, and they sit in the same seat every day (have to admit that I’ve become one of these people too).

Being on the train for 3 hours a day, I have noticed that there are 5 different personalities on the train. Here’s a quick guide of the people I encounter daily.

The Sleeper

These are the people who have mastered this whole early morning thing. They get on the train at 6.17am every morning and by 6.20am they have their neck pillows out, eye masks on and are ready for their first nap of the day.

The Netflix-er

With their noise-cancelling headphones, these people are the people in the office who always have the best recommendations for shows to watch. When picking someone to sit next to, these people are definitely my top recommendation.

The Heavy Metal Fan

No matter where you sit in the carriage, there is always one person who has their music up way too loud. You can hear every beat, every guitar solo, every word of the song. These people are subject to many dirty looks. (Especially from The Sleepers)

The Excited Travellers

Before working in recruitment, I used to work in travel. So usually I would be excited about these people. But not at 6 am in the morning. When I see a group of people on the platform with their suitcases I just cross my fingers that they don’t sit in my carriage. Why? You can guarantee that they will excitingly chat with their friends for the entire journey very loudly. Avoid these people (mostly out of jealousy).

The Chatterbox(s)

These are the people who commute with their friends/partners/family/colleges/frenemies who love a good debrief of their day. They usually talk just a little too loud, laugh hysterically and share way too much about their personal life. If you want to avoid these people, I recommend sitting in the quiet carriage.

Commuting from Wollongong to Sydney may seem like a mission but trust me, it’s not that bad! Wollongong friends, don’t let the commute keeping you from applying for roles in Sydney. Keep an eye out on our website to be the first to know all about our roles. 

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