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Client meetings, meetings and more meetings

I must say the best part of my day is meeting my clients. New clients get me really excited to meet new people, see what their story is and to see what the business is all about. Existing clients have me thinking about how the placements I’ve made are going, has the business grown, and overall what’s new?

Nosey I know; however, I like to call it being curious!

Having almost 20 years of experience in recruitment has given me many opportunities to hear brilliant stories of where companies have come from, see the growth companies experience, the success stories, the good and the bad, the struggle and the grit people use to get these businesses up and running and to where they are today. These are very, very impressive stories and they always keep me wanting to hear more. Everyone has a story and people are so interesting to me and that’s why I enjoy all client meetings.

Beginning of the Meeting

The majority of my meetings start off with an agenda about business and staffing requirements, from culture to how the company operates on a daily basis and how the company functions. I find all of this information really interesting and this prepares me for what happens next.

Middle of the Meeting

Once the meeting is well warmed up, then I start to ask about the type of staff I will go on to find for this particular business and the success the business will have from hiring my candidates. This is very important to me as this is where new clients become my existing clients which is my goal with all clients I interact with. 

End of the Meeting

As we near the end of the meeting, I find myself talking to my interesting clients about family and travel. Those who know me know I can give some good travel advice, it’s a little addiction I have outside of recruitment and 9 times out 10 people want to hear about a good place to visit, a good restaurant to eat at and what was so exciting about that certain city!

I love to hear where my clients have been and often add this to my travel list so I can hopefully experience what my clients experienced too.

After the Meeting

As I leave the office where the meeting was held, I think about the premise and what it would be like to work there. I always find myself imagining this, little funny I know, however, I’m a very curious person and curious is one of the Kennedy Reid values which I was part of creating with the team and I love it!

So, here’s to more meetings… I look forward to them all!

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