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4 mistakes costing your business top talent

Here are 4 mistakes that are costing your business the top talent

1. Not booking an interview fast enough.

This is crucial, I guarantee your competitors aren't delaying booking in the interview, especially if you're in a candidate-short market.

2. Not giving feedback fast enough after an interview. 

This is important because even if a candidate is unsuccessful if they've had a really positive experience, they're going to share that with the people they know. And vice versa. This could really impact your company branding.

3. An unwillingness to negotiate or offer other benefits. 

Companies these days are offering all sorts of flexible work hours, work from home, time out of the day to go to the gym, you name it, we've heard it and if you take a "take it or leave it" approach, it's not going to cut it!

4. Breaking the candidate's trust. 

This can be done so easily, for example, if you interview a candidate and you know their salary expectations, altering that offer at the final stage of the process really can break their trust.

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