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What's Your Company's Story?

What makes our advertisement or our job pitch stand out from the sea of competitors in the recruitment industry? A simple answer… your company’s story. Unfortunately, for any company, this is the secret weapon which many recruiters don’t utilize.  At Kennedy Reid, we build a relationship with our clients that allows us to understand how their company has evolved and what type of candidate would successfully contribute to their inimitable story.

Rather than being cliché and reciting a company’s goals and mission statement, we adjust and add stories when speaking to different types of candidates once listening to their needs and wants. A story is what resonates with candidates, it provides the difference to every other job on the market.

Candidates are moving away from the attraction of salary and moving more towards the environment, the benefits, the culture, and the opportunities. 

I believe there are 5 elements that allows to better capture the interests of your potential candidates – at Kennedy Reid, we aim to:

  1. Prioritise what matters and differentiate from our competitors.We attempt to mention the aspects of the company that we know other recruiters won’t.

  2. Communicating the story clearly and simply.We aim to paint a vivid picture so the candidates can envisage themselves working in that role and at that company.

  3. Being credible.We think of how we can make sure candidates believe our client’s unique story and enhance our credibility through real-life examples.

  4. Personalise the story to the candidate and what appeals to them.As Greg Savage would say “recruiters are seducers” – getting that passive candidate to consider a role requires appeal which is all through the way we express our client’s story.

  5. We make it interesting.We want our client’s story to stand out to others but also resonate with the candidate based on what they are looking for and enjoy.

To sum it up and give you a real-life example, go ahead and read Kennedy Reid’s story…(which I hope resonates with you!)

In 1996, Stuart Freeman started Freeman Adams, a Banking and Finance Recruitment business which grew quickly and was successfully sold to a publicly listed recruitment business, Candle, in 1999. In 2002, Stuart launched SMF Recruitment, an Insurance and Banking firm. Whilst exceeding growth and profitability targets at SMF Recruitment, Stuart worked with Melissa Agnew and Leena Bergagnin who both started their own entrepreneurial adventure in recruitment (Support Recruitment and Insurance Connections) due to the company being acquired by the Rubicor Group in 2006. In 2012, Leena sold Insurance Connections to Stuart.

From here, Stuart partnered up with Melissa Agnew at Support Recruitment and launched Kennedy Reid. Starting out with just 5 staff, Kennedy Reid has now developed into 5 specialised practices with over 30 recruitment professionals that are immersed every day in insurance and business support markets across Australia nationally.

Kennedy Reid considers the recruitment of its team and the retention of our staff as the most critical piece in our success as a company. What sets Kennedy Reid apart is its bold approach in recruitment innovation and our absolute focus in putting non-traditional recruitment options in front of our clients.


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