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How to answer behavioural questions - Customer Service

Hi all, this week we are going to share with you how to answer behavioural based questions in an interview, focusing on your customer service experience

Here are some customer-service-related questions an interviewer might ask you and how you can answer them:

  • "What is the most difficult customer service situation you've had to deal with?" 

We recommend using the Situation, Action, Outcome technique. Tell the interviewer why the customer and the situation were difficult, talk about the actions you took to rectify the issue step by step and finish by explaining the outcome. Remember that this should always be positive.

  • "Why did you get into customer service?"

With this question, you should highlight the skills you have that make working in customer service your preference. For example, talk about how you enjoy being able to help people finding solutions to their problem and that you find the job rewarding.

  • "Describe a time that a customer was wrong and how did you deal with this situation."

Don't be alarmed when you get this question, but rather show the interviewer how you can turn a negative into a positive. Talk the interviewer through the steps you take when dealing with difficult customers while highlighting your skills such as active listening and problem-solving.

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