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How to answer interview questions that relate to your attention to detail

The best approach to answering interview questions around your attention to detail is to follow this three-letter acronym: SAO.

1. Situation
2. Action
3. Outcome

Following this structure is important and will help you as you nail those interview questions. Here are some real-life questions that you might get asked in an interview:

Question: Describe a time where you have worked on a project that's required close attention to detail.

An example answer to this question would be to list what the project was, how you went about achieving that project and what was the outcome of that. So it might have been picking up areas on your own work or picking up some areas on someone else's work.

Question: How do you stay organised?

The way in which you can answer this is by showing how you organised your day, writing down a list of things you need to achieve by the end of the day and how you then go about achieving those.

Question: Describe a project that you have worked on and the processes you've taken to achieve it. 

Talk about the measurable milestones, so what does my project look like, what do I want to accomplish from my project and how do I then go about achieving that.

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