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How to answer interview questions that relate to your previous responsibilities

Previous responsibilities questions are great opportunities to showcase your trustworthiness and independence in the workplace. Here are our advice surrounding interview questions relating to your responsibilities.

An interviewer may ask you:

Question: What are some of the biggest responsibilities you've had in the past? 

In response to this, outline specific tasks that you've been entrusted with, who you reported to, and how often.

For example, "In my previous role as an Account Manager at Company A, I was responsible for billing $x,xxx each month, coupled with smaller KPIs such as the number of client meetings and lead generated. I reported to the Sales Director, and we catch up formally once a week, but also informally throughout the week."

Question: Describe a time where you had to figure out a difficult problem by yourself. 

Use this question as an opportunity to show that:

a) You can create something from nothing, and 

b) You were able to move the project forward with little to no supervision.

Question: Describe a time where you felt you didn't meet your responsibilities.

Don't be taken aback by this question. Demonstrate that you took your responsibilities seriously and were disappointed when you failed to deliver. Then, describe what you learned from that experience.

For example, "I didn't hit my target for January earlier this year. I was disappointed that my activities didn't reflect on my billings for that month. However, I kept my head down and kept working towards the KPIs that I needed to complete for the month. My result for February turned out to be great, I exceeded my normal billing target by 40%. From this experience, I learned that consistency is key, if I just keep on hitting my KPIs and activities, the billings and the results will eventually come after."

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