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5 Ways To Make Yourself More Employable

Are you looking for a job? If so, you know that it can be tough to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Competition is fierce, and it can be hard to convince an employer to hire you over someone else. But don't worry – there are things you can do to make yourself more employable! Why not try some of these tips out for yourself…

Have a well-written resume that will get you past the ATS

Incorporate Keywords

When it comes to getting past the applicant tracking system, incorporating keywords into your resume is a must! ATS scans hundreds of resumes quickly and ranks candidates based on the keywords used in a resume.

If you want to get past an applicant tracking system, make sure your resume includes relevant keywords that are consistent. You can find the best keywords on the company website and view the job description in more detail or by using the keywords in the job ad. If there is not enough information on the job ad, you can view similar positions on other job boards such as Indeed or seek to see what keywords you should incorporate into your resume.


Use a simple format that is most easily digested by automated tracking systems. Make sure your resume is saved in a suitable format when you are ready to apply for a job. As some ATS do not support PDF attachments, you are better off saving your resume as a.doc, which is the preferred format for ATS and recruiters.

Pro tip: Don't forget to include important dates of employment, as some systems may screen you based on the amount of experience you have.

If you need more advice on how to write your resume, check out our blog.

Further your education & increase your skills

If you're looking for a new gig, it's important to keep your skills fresh. So why not learn a new skill or develop old ones? Read a book or two, take an online course (we recommend Udemy), listen to podcasts, ask for feedback from others (colleagues, mentors, friends, family) - this is a great way to show future employers that you are motivated, eager, and creative.

Pro tip: Include your skills and accomplishments on your resume so that employers can see what you're capable of. If you have certificates of completion for courses and they are relevant, you should include them as well. This will help get you noticed by employers!

Increase your network

The most successful people are those who invest in their relationships. By networking, you can keep up with the latest trends in your industry, keep a pulse on the job market, meet potential mentors, and discover new job opportunities.

The best way to expand your network and make new connections is by utilizing social media platforms or attending networking events. You can observe and interact with experts from a wide range of industries who will provide you with valuable insights backed by their varied knowledge and skills that can assist you in developing your career.

Pro tip: LinkedIn is the largest networking website for businesses, with over a billion users. If you don't have an account now, it's time to get on board by creating an interesting and detailed profile!

Adjust your attitude

You're more likely to land a job faster if you are proactive rather than waiting for opportunities to present themselves. So be proactive and take the initiative to look around and make inquiries. Being proactive can help you promote a positive work ethic and show employers that you are the type that takes the initiative.

If you have been to multiple interviews but haven't had much luck, don't be disheartened if things don't go your way. Be confident! If you're feeling negative or discouraged, don't bring that attitude into every interview, as your lack of confidence will show. It is crucial to have a positive attitude and show enthusiasm during an interview as employers look for candidates who project positive energy.

Interview preparation

If you want to ace the interview – preparation is key!

The best way to start is by researching the company and reviewing the job description in detail to determine why you would be a good fit. Then, watch videos or read articles on how to answer interview behavioral questions– there's plenty of information and resources available on the web. Use it as a guide and incorporate your own examples from your previous experience when answering the questions. You can also engage with a recruiter. They can provide you with the questions that the employer is most likely to ask and give you advice on how to best answer them.

Pro tip: Asking questions is just as crucial as answering them. Prepare at least 3 questions to ask the employer at the end of the interview. This will show the hiring manager how engaged you are in the discussion, showcase your knowledge, and increase your chances of getting hired!

Job searching can be tough some days but that doesn’t mean you can’t do something to make yourself more employable. Our five tips will help you polish your resume, network effectively, and present yourself as the perfect candidate to potential employers.

If you need some career advice or want to chat with one of our recruiters about open positions, contact us today - We are happy to help you take the next steps in your career journey!