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Be The Candidate's Agent

Job hunting can be a daunting process. Especially when you have pushy recruiters looking to make a dollar out of you!

Back when I was a fresh graduate out of university, I had my fair share of bad recruitment experiences. But overall, the bad experiences only motivated me to work harder to secure a role as a Recruitment Consultant at Kennedy Reid.

My aim is to set the standards of how I wanted to service the next generation of job seekers and represent myself as the next generation of a good recruiter.

It’s unfortunate that there’s a bad stigma associated with using recruiters. A good Recruiter can provide a job seeker with so much guidance and advice, i.e. How to write your CVand tips on the crucial Do’s and Don’ts of interviews.

It’s too often that you hear “They sent my CV without my permission”, “They never got back to me” or “They didn’t even listen to what I was after”.

For every recruiter reading this, you’re probably asking the question: “How can I change a candidate’s negative preconception of using a recruiter?”

The key is to be THE CANDIDATE’S AGENT”.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the recruitment world let me share with you 5 simple tips on how you can be The Candidate’s Agent.

1. Take the time to really listen and understand what your candidate is after.

Ask them questions like, “What are the key criteria you look for when moving jobs?” or “What company would you really like to work for?”

(Pro tip - take your candidate out for coffee and place them in a relaxing environment. I always find that I can learn a lot more about a candidate through a conversation rather than reading off a questionnaire sheet… and might I add, a candidate will always appreciate a free coffee!)

2. Always make the effort to update your candidates with good, bad or even no news.

People will always appreciate your efforts to keep them in the loop.

3. Go above and beyond to help candidate along the whole process.

This may include tips on how to fix their resume, guiding them on how to structure their responses or even giving market advice.

4. Believe in your candidate.

As we all know job hunting can be a tough time. Especially when you’re getting one rejection after another. Candidate morale can decrease, and it is important for us recruiters to remind them of their worth. Words of encouragement and motivation will always act as a catalyst for your candidate to try harder to get what they’re after.

5. Stay connected.

Whether you place a candidate in a role or not, it’s always good to maintain and build your network. Your amazing service could lead to multiple future referrals, candidate exclusivity or assist in creating your brand name within the market.

When recruiting it’s always important to ask the question, “Are you being The Candidate’s Agent?”

At the end of the day, it is always great to make a placement, but if you place a candidate who is unhappy in their role it will only be a matter of time before they fall off and you end up working twice as hard to find a replacement.

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