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11 tips on how to prepare for a video interview

Video interviews have been around for a while now, but with an increasing number of people working remotely, job seekers will need to adapt and get comfortable with this method of job interview until something else comes along again - maybe a hologram interview could be a thing in 2030??

But before we worry about the hologram and the robots, let's get your interview preparation right first, so you can:

         a) Have peace of mind that you're prepared (technically);
         b) Focus on listening, answering and engaging with your interviewer/s; and
         c) Know you have a plan B to fall on if something does go wrong;

There's a downloadable checklist version below, so you can print this out and tick it off as you prepare for your next video job interview. So, here are 11 simple tips to give yourself a great start to your interview.

1. Dress professional (head to toe). A blazer is always acceptable.

2. Ensure your room is well-lit and quiet.

     -  If you have small children or a loud pet parrot, it might be best to sneak off into a quiet room with the door closed to eliminate as much noise as you can. 

     -  Extra tip: Wear earphones/headset that has a microphone function, so it can pick up your voice clearly and reduce any background noise. 

3. Ensure your background is nice and neat. Set yourself against a plain wall in the background would be the safest option.

4. Have your resume, pen and paper close by.

     -  Having your resume in front of you can save you in a situation where you get asked about your employment timeline or when you need to describe your responsibilities or specific achievements in each role. 

5. Have a glass of water close by.

6. Test your microphone, camera and internet.

7. Position your camera at eye-level, so you're not looking down on the screen or too high up.

8. Turn your phone on silent.

9. Note down the interviewer's phone number, so in an event of technical difficulties, you can call and give them a heads up.

10. Practice looking at the camera and not yourself on the screen. 

11. Smile and use hand gestures to engage your interviewer/s! 

Remember, when faced with technical issues or other interruptions, all you need to do is apologise and continue. We're only human!

We wish you all the best with your interview. Don't forget to download the pdf version of the checklist below.

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